Who We Are?

Active group is a rapidly growing business group, started in the year 2008. It has a number of conglomerate operations spreading into various sectors like Health care, Rehabilitation, Food, Beverages, IT, Software, Energy, Property consultation and others. Each Product and Services offered by the group is itself as an innovated and simple to the market, simultaneously maintaining the quality and the cost of the same. Since it's Inception the Company name has been respected in different section or parts of the country for its adherence to strong values and business ethics.

Going forward, Active Group is focusing on new technologies and innovation to drive its business across India and the World. Each Active group company operates independently. Each of these companies has its own mode of operation.


To be an integral part of each individual's life with a product or service they think off.


  • Is to provide the customer with the finest product or service available.
  • Is to attract and maintain customer.
  • Is to give the customer unbeatable value by offering quality and technology at the best price.
  • Is to provide product or service which will exceed the expectation of the customer.


  • Excellent customer service.
  • Pioneering technology.
  • Creativity.
  • Integrity.
  • Social responsibility.